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  • CAN facilitates launch of Lives on Hold and Trapped in Treatment reports

    CAN facilitates launch of Lives on Hold and Trapped in Treatment reports

    CAN was delighted to facilitate the launch of Lives on Hold and Trapped in Treatment reports on  Feb 27th at the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission. These two reports detail the process and findings of two collaborative peer led research programmes facilitated by Community Action Network (CAN) plus an analysis of the findings by…

  • CAN’s reflections on driving Systemic Change

    CAN’s reflections on driving Systemic Change

    In January 2024, Cecilia Forrestal presented CAN’s reflections on Driving Systemic Change to a cohort of non-profits participating in Lightful’s BRIDGE programme. These organisations are all current grantees of Community Foundation and are all working to counter polarisation, hate and misinformation online. You can read more on CAN’s Systemic Change work here.

  • CAN involved in Longford Programme against Racism

    CAN involved in Longford Programme against Racism

    CAN has partnered with the Longford Primary Health Care Team and the Irish Network against Racism to deliver a learning programme that will equip those who take part to challenge and address racism at personal, institutional and structural levels and to become leaders in their own minority ethnic communities. At this first information meeting we…

  • 25 Years of Collective Complaints

    25 Years of Collective Complaints

    Cecilia Forrestal from CAN joins in the celebration of 25 years of the Collective Complaint Protocol of the Revised European Social Charter in this video made by the Council of Europe to mark the occasion. In it, she outlines the power of the Collective Complaint to make rights real for people who live with inequality.

  • Transformative Leadership 2022 – 2023

    Transformative Leadership 2022 – 2023

    The ‘Transformative Leadership’ programme for senior leaders in the community and voluntary sector continues with great energy and learning as we approach our fourth and final module in May 2023. The 17 strong group of leaders are developing their own innovative approaches, skill sets and range of communication competencies to lead change in a complex…

  • Defining Moments of Leadership

    Defining Moments of Leadership

    In March 2023, Monica Manning was interviewed by Marsha Acker of Team Catapult about her experience of using Dialogue and Structural Dynamics in CAN’s Leadership work. Click here to listen.

  • Empowering Tenants: Protecting Human Rights Effective Tenant Participation in the Management of Local Authority Housing Report

    National Inquiry via Zoom on 26th of April 2022. This report is based on the NUI Galway research project funded by The Housing Agency under the Research Support Programme 2020 – Round 2 and delivered in collaboration with Community Action Network. The research sought to examine how structured tenant participation, incorporating human rights standards could…

  • ECSR Follow up to Decision on Merits of Collective Complaint

    Today, CAN welcomes the findings of The European Committee of Social Rights within The Council of Europe (click here to download. Pages 106 – 112 relate to FIDH v Ireland 2017) which for the third time states: “Ireland is not in conformity with article 16 of the Revised European Social Charter”. This relates to the right of…

  • BCR Project Evaluation Launch

    BCR Project Evaluation Launch

    The evaluation of the Building Community Resilience (BCR) Project was launched on December 15th 2021. Community Action Network has been coordinating the BCR project over the past 18 months. This project is an innovative response to community safety concerns in Dublin South Central. You can read Andrew Montague’s evaluation of the work so far. Click here…

  • Intercultural Learning Programme

    Intercultural Learning Programme

    Pictured above with Dublin’s Lord Mayor, Hazel Choo, are the Intercultural Ambassadors group of the North East Inner City who came together to celebrate the completion of their intercultural learning programme.  This is Phase One of an initiative to grow inter-culturalism in the North East Inner City.  The group participated in a fourteen week learning…