How We Work: Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership requires vision, courage and resilience and being a leader can be a lonely experience. CAN offers coaching and mentoring to individuals working in the community and voluntary sector – to support them as they navigate and lead other people through change.

In our leadership coaching individuals are invited to reflect on their working practice and explore the ongoing challenges that impact on their effectiveness as leaders. Working in a safe confidential environment they are supported to: 

  • Further develop personal awareness of their own leadership potential and to identify the challenges they face and the leadership goals they wish to reach. 
  • Develop their own personal leadership model – one in tune with their passion for their work, as well as with their values, goals and practices. 
  • Develop and lead strategies and plans of action that can make a difference to their communities. 
  • Make more considered choices and take better decisions when faced with complex and or uncertain situations in their work – through reviewing and reflecting on the past and considering the present context. 
  • Identify the supports that they will need to help them sustain their leadership role in the future.

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