Racial Justice: Intercultural Ambassadors

Intercultural Ambassadors Programme North East Inner City Dublin (NEIC)

CAN responds to requests from communities and organisations to collaborate in the interest of social change. The Intercultural Ambassadors Programme aims to share and promote intercultural dialogue and understanding between the many cultures in the NEIC, develop leadership skills and inform policy.  We worked with the Dublin City Council and NEIC Intercultural Development Co-ordinator in 2021 to develop a programme of intercultural and anti-racist learning and group development online during COVID lockdown with 16 Ambassadors from 12 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. Our participative methodologies and practices facilitated a group of 16 participants to meet weekly for 14 weeks, learn about each other, frame their lived experiences of Dublin’s north inner city with an understanding of intercultural communication, community development, anti-racist theory and practice, and to grow their passions and take action to contribute to sustainable intercultural communities.

Programme content included:

  • An understanding of culture and frameworks of intercultural communities, group development of their own definitions
  • Understanding of leadership and skills that are important as Intercultural Ambassadors
  • Community Development and the process of making community connections within the group and others in the NEIC
  • An understanding and developing awareness of racism and discrimination 
  • Connecting with personal interests and passions to be pursued as Intercultural Ambassadors and generating ideas about what actions can be taken together to get started.

The Intercultural Ambassadors Programme was highly successful with the participants continuing to work together to promote interculturalism in the NEIC and make lasting change.  

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