Racial Justice: Social Housing Quality Mark

Quality in Our Diversity – A Social Housing Quality Mark 

Continuing our work arising from the Welcome on the Mat project, CAN is working with Circle, Respond and Clúid Approved Housing Bodies in the pursuit of Quality Standards of Intercultural Integration and Anti-Racist policy and practice across the three organisations.

CAN’s role is as independent chair of this interagency project oversight group. Working together with representatives of the three housing bodies and the project co-ordinator enables interagency learning through action and collaboration with a goal of equality in the lived experience of all residents and staff as per Section 42 of the Public Sector Duty. Follow the link in the section above for an outline of the Staged process for achieving a standard of interculturally diverse housing in Clúid, Respond and Circle.

At a time when Ireland is welcoming unprecedented numbers of people seeking refuge and asylum, along with those who have migrated to Ireland for work and family, through the Quality In Our Diversity Project our collaboration with staff, residents and senior management across the three organisations is developing models of participation of minority ethnic residents and staff in systems change in their organisations and neighbourhoods.

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