Racial Justice: Welcome On The Mat

CAN engaged in 2018 in an inner-city Dublin community where residents brought to our attention a concern for the safety and well-being of minority ethnic residents, which was supported by the findings of research by the Immigrant Council of Ireland. The research found that ethnic minority tenants living in a social housing setting were more likely to experience racism than people living outside social housing. See: Welcome on the Mat CAN report.

CAN, with the support of Open Society Foundation and Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, began a process to work with local communities and organisations, statutory and voluntary housing bodies, other statutory agencies including Tusla, An Garda Síochana and minority ethnic members of communities in Dublin’s North and South Inner City over two years. This work aimed to plan for the emergence of ethnic diversity in Irish Social Housing, combat racism and promote inter-culturalism.

There were four elements of this process which emerged from dialogue between the various stakeholders:

  • An Intercultural Learning Programme
  • Quality in Our Diversity – A Social Housing Quality Mark
  • Exploring and Identifying Effective Supports
  • Exploring Policy Reform

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