Leadership Development: Daring To Lead In Complex Times

Daring to Lead in Complex Times is a programme designed for experienced practitioners in the community, voluntary and statutory sectors who wish to develop a sophisticated understanding of Dialogue and how it can be used in systemic change. The programme is informed by CAN’s extensive experience of leading systemic change within organisations and communities. It is based on the simple premise that by changing the quality of our communication with each other within and across systems we will dramatically improve the quality of our relationships. Strong relationships between individuals, within organisations and communities and across systems provide the foundation for tackling deep-rooted and complex issues.

Programme Structure

The programme takes place over four three-day modules during which participants develop:

  • An understanding of complexity and systems thinking in different contexts.
  • Insight into current communication patterns, as well as barriers and challenges to communication.
  • A highly developed personal awareness and skill set that enables them to participate in, lead and manage more skilful conversations.
  • Knowledge, skills, practices and frameworks for the application of Dialogue as a systems change methodology.

For more information, contact Cecilia Forrestal or Monica Manning.

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