Leadership Development: Integrated Collaborative Practice

The Integrated Collaborative Practice programme is designed for experienced front-line staff in social services and community development who want to learn about the benefits of collaborating more effectively with colleagues and professionals in different disciplines, so that they can deliver a better service to their users. It sets out an expanded of model of collaborative leadership practice and skills development to address the complex challenges that practitioners encounter in their day-to-day work and helps them build strategies to enable better integration of services.

Programme Structure

The programme is structured over four three-day modules, which addresses the following content: 

  • Collaboration and Integration, theory and practice: provides the conceptual framework for collaborative practice exploring key concepts such as collaboration, integration, dialogue and community. 
  • Leading collaborative change: gives practical guidance on leading collaborative processes, paying attention to organisational cultures and personalities, leadership theories, participants’ individual leadership style and critical reflection of experience of collaboration in practice. 
  • Working with the realities of collaboration: outlines some of the challenges that collaborative practice presents and how to overcome them, exploring theories of change, deepening understanding of conflict and generating greater awareness about personal styles of conflict management. 
  • Intervening collaboratively: an exploration of the context for collaborative working and intervention in a professional setting, providing a framework for reviewing the environments within which participants practise and a consideration of power in the context of collaboration, with a focus on the beneficiaries of integrated processes.

Programme Award

The programme leads to a Level 8 certificate in Community Education and Equality Studies from Maynooth University, and offers 20 European Credit Transfers to the BA in Community Studies.

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