Leadership Development: Overview

Our Approach

CAN’s leadership development programme aims to ignite passion, belief, vision, courage and ability in people to be the best leaders they can be. We create a learning group which facilitates personal learning, peer support and collective solidarity. The starting point is to build on the lived experience of participants as leaders, which they can take away after the learning group finishes.

Having an empowered, just and equal society requires building leadership within communities, individuals and organisations. To this end, we design and deliver a suite of leadership programmes and processes for people across all sectors. In addition, CAN offers coaching, mentoring and partnering.

Our Leadership Development Goals

Design and deliver a suite of short, long and modular leadership programmes and processes for actors across all sectors, with an emphasis on the core competencies to develop flexible and adaptive responses to the complex world we live and work in. 

Design and deliver bespoke short and long programmes as requested with particular focus on marginalized, excluded groups and young people. 

Offer coaching, mentoring, and partnering on an individual or group basis. 

Nurture robust organisations and communities at all stages of their development and activism. 

Build and support collaborative, integrated processes in service of social change. 

Respond to requests which relate to justice and equality.

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