Systemic Change: Aligning Intention With Action

Aligning Intention with Action is a transformative journey that creates a powerful and activating space for social justice and community development practitioners to inquire into the most essential elements of their practice, to be resourced and challenged by dialogue with others and to find a pathway through to newly emergent actions that represent an identifiable shift in the level at which they work.

Framed by the globally-recognised ‘Theory U’ method of awareness-based systems change from MIT’s Presencing Institute, the programme provides participants with tools and practices to deepen their self-awareness as a leadership approach, to source their core motivation for leading change and to empower their action from this place in new and creative ways that they haven’t tried before. 

The context for the programme is CAN’s strong sense that we are working in unprecedented times with increasing levels of disconnection within ourselves as leaders, between each other in communities, and from a realisable vision of a flourishing and just society. The models and approaches we have from the past are no longer working, and we believe we need new kinds of spaces that cultivate connection to intention, empowerment through relationship and the activation of aligned action.  

Aligning Intention with Action offers this space.

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Aligning Intention With Action
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