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CAN Comment 3 (1996): About Men
This paper poses questions for discussion about Men’s Development at community level. It also raises questions for men involved in men’s development programmes.
CAN Comment 4 (1998): Globalisation and self-reliant Community Development
This edition of CAN Comment is written by Marcus Aruda; social economist and community activist from Brazil. He puts forward arguments to inspire a deeper analysis of a vision for more self reliant communities.
CAN Comment 5 (2004): Reclaiming Democracy
In this case study we document learning about participative democracy from the experience of two flat complexes in Dublin. We put forward an argument highlighting how Irish Society can rediscover democracy by taking some of this learning on board.
CAN Comment 6 (2007): Community Development is good for your health
This comment arises from the work of an Action Learning Group facilitated by CAN. It explores a model of community development and health grounded in the experience of four community projects.
The Community Health Worker Role
This publication was written in collaboration with NICHE (Northside Initiative for Community Health) and commissioned by the Combat Poverty Agency (CPA). It documents work done by an Action Learning Group within CAN and includes representatives of 3 other community projects.

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